At Context Digital Marketing, we believe that there is no more powerful force in the marketing and advertising universe than CONTEXT.

We apply this belief to every campaign for every client, and the results speak for themselves.

Traditional advertising agencies love to pitch complex targeting schemes based on what amounts to theories and guesswork:  demographic, psychographic, geographic, dayparting, etc.

There is nothing inherently wrong with any of these concepts, except oftentimes the key ingredient is missing:  CONTEXT.

Context Digital Marketing applies all available layers of targeting based on our decades worth of experience in the digital and traditional marketing space.  But unlike other traditional agencies, we will always add the final layer that makes every single dollar of your budget work and perform to the max:  CONTEXT.

What do we mean by CONTEXT?

We could illustrate it this way:

You have a product or service to sell.  You place an advertisement on a billboard, digital display ad, radio ad, TV, whatever.

What if you could ensure that every impression was delivered ONLY to someone who was actively seeking your product or service?

Would your campaigns perform better?

Would your marketing budget work harder, more efficiently for you?


That’s the power of CONTEXT.   

Reach out today and let’s talk about how CONTEXT can work for you.